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Physical culture is one kind of the
human culture as a whole and also a very special kind.总的来说,体育文化是人类所有文化中的一种,也是很特殊的一种。

Physical culture characterized with
"Olympic Spirit" has been accepted by the people of the whole world.以“奥林匹克精神”为特点的体育文化已被全世界的人们所接受。

China's culture has never stopped
developing throughout history.中国文化在历史上从未停止发展。

China's culture has enriched itself
through mutual exchange in the world.中国文化通过与世界(其他文化)的交流得以丰富。

In recent years, Beijing opera has
attempted numerous reforms in response to sagging audience numbers.最近几年,面对观众日渐减少的局面.京剧做了很多的改革。

Beijing Opera arose in the late 18th century
and became fully developed and recognized by themid-19th century.京剧形成于18世纪末,在19世纪中期得到全面发展和认可。

Last month I went to Chinese National
Grand Theatre to see a play called Thunderstorm.上个月,我到中国国家大剧院观看了名为《雷雨》的话剧。

We can relax ourselves in KTV

Sometimes we can go to amusement park to
relieve the pressure.有时我们可以到游乐场(欢乐公园)释放压力。

Movie Season is my favourite holiday
because I would have a lot of films to enjoy.^电影节是我最爱的节曰,因为我可以观看很多电影。

It is a great time for us to gather with
our friends and relax.对我们来说,和朋友一起聚会、放松是难得的节曰。

It is free to all citizens, but always
you can see too many people and you've got to wait in a long queue.(它)对所有公民免费,但是总有很多人,所以你不得不排很长的队。


In my spare time, I like to hang out
with my friends.在空余时间,我喜欢和朋友一起闲逛。

He is keen on gardening.他热衷于园艺。

Surfing is not my cup of tea.沖浪不是我的最爱。

A healthy hobby relaxes people and
provides fun.健康的爱好使人轻松,帶来快乐。

I spend a lot of time and energy on my

Too much absorbed in one's hobby and
neglecting work are not good.过度沉湎于自己的爱好而忽视工作是不好的。

I have a strong passion of collecting

I began to pick up this hobby when I was
in grade six in primary school.我从小学六年级就开始有这个兴趣爱好。

This hobby has given me an opportunity
to make more friends.这个爱好给了我结交更多朋友的机会。

Friends with common interests would have
a lot to exchange.有共同兴趣的朋友会有许多的交流。

I've devoted much of my spare time to

How much you are interested in will
decide how much you can get from it.你有多大的兴趣决定了你有多大的收获。


Girls today are fascinated with

I go window shopping as a way of

For many Westerners, Christmas is the
shopping season对于很多西方人来说,圣诞节是个购物的季节。

The modern shopping malls integrate many
functions, such as catering and recreation.现代购物中心整合了很多功能,如餐饮和娱乐。

I go shopping in small store because
things there are much cheaper.我喜欢去小店购物,因为东西便宜。

An ordinary university student could not
afford shopping in department stores often.经常去百货商场购物对于一个普通大学生而言是无法承受的。

Luxury is beyond my buying ability.我买不起奢侈品。

The purchasing power of the rural
regions has increased.边远地区的购买力已经提升。

My mother is a comparison shopper.我妈妈购物货比三家。

I always go bargain hunting in small

With the sharp rising of CPI,life becomes harder.随着居民消费指数的提升,生活变得越来越难。

My roommate is an impulse shopper.我的室友是个沖动的购物者。


I play badminton from four to six
o'clock every afternoon.我每天下午四点到六点打羽毛球。

I am a sport enthusiast.我是个运动爱好者。

I see lots of people jogging in the park
every day.每天我看到很多人在公园慢跑。

Among all the sports activities,
badminton is my favorite.在所有运动项目中.羽毛球是我最喜欢的。

Athletes should respect sportsmanship.运动员应该尊重体育精神。

There are scores of sport events in the

A successful Olympic Game will
demonstrate China's rapid development in sports.一届成功的奥运会将展示中国体育的迅猛发展。

Football is a national sport.足球是一项全国运动。

Table tennis is the most popular sport
in my hometown.乒乓球在我的家乡是最流行的运动。

Chinese people are playing more and more
attention to body exercising.中国人正越来越关注健身。

Sports like basketball, football could
train our team spirit.诸如篮球、足球等运动可以锻炼我们的团队精神。

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.只工作.不玩耍,聪明的孩子也变傻。

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